Upcoming events:

Skyline Carnival - Friday, 5/31 


Volunteer to help!

5/22 - Spring Sing & Art Show - 6-7:15pm

5/23 - Career Day - 1pm

5/31 - Carnival - 5:30-8pm

6/3 - Grades 3/4 - Canoeing Field Trip

6/5 - Skyline Talent Show - 8:45am

6/6 - Exhibition (5th graders) and CAP (8th graders) open house - 2-3pm, 3:30-5pm

6/7 - Kindergarten Graduation - 9am

6/7 - Grades 5/6 - Portland Art Museum Field Trip

6/11 - 8th Grade Trip to Oaks Park

6/13 - 8th Grade Promotion - 6pm

​Skyline Grounds Cleanup
10am-1pm or later

Bring your favorite pruners (or borrow some from our school gardening kit), your gloves, your kids and friends and come join the party!​ Led by Alli Novak & Jenny Hunt


BLUE = Skyline PTA supported events, community events
ORANGE = Skyline School events. Full school calendar is on PPS page.
GREEN = holidays

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