Thank you for being part of the Skyline Community! Our school and students only thrive with the support of their teachers and volunteers like YOU.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES ARE DESCRIBED IN THE FORM BELOW. Rest assured guidance and support will be provided, no matter how you decide to participate.

All volunteers must complete PPS REQUIREMENTS, including a background check, before working in the school or with children.

SKYLINE SCHOOL will communicate volunteer check in procedures to each individual.

  • All school volunteers are expected to maintain confidentiality while working in the school. Any information seen or heard at school about children and/or their families should be considered privileged. Trust must be established and maintained in order for this volunteer program to be successful.

  • Discipline of students is solely the responsibility of the teacher in charge. Volunteers should in no way discipline students. Should students misbehave in your presence, you should report this immediately to the teacher in charge. The teacher will then determine the necessary course of action.